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For the Love of the Ride.

Shenandoah & Skyline Drive Tour, July 27-30

Registration is now CLOSED.  If you really, really, really want to attend, you will need to talk to Bob Vano.

In two weeks, we'll host our 1st Annual Shenandoah & Skyline Drive Tour.  Members will get their fill on the splendor that the Shenandoah valley offers.  With more than 15 routes to choose from, riders will be wishing they had more days to stay and enjoy.

We'll ride the Skyline Drive, explore the Massanutten Mountain and Fort Valley, and cruise through civil war battlefields on the quiet country roads that the valley has to offer.  The scenery will be magnificent.  The challenge will be as great as you want to make it with route options that will offer flat to rolling terrain to climbs that will take your breath away.

We have a few spots available.  If you would like to experience the Shenandoah valley with us, click here to go to the event page and contact Bob Vano to let him know you will take one of the remaining spots.

Here's What Others are Saying

"I love how people ride together.  I don't feel intimidated and I feel like I can become a better rider with all the support the other members give me."

"This club is amazing!  The people.  The support.  The commitment.  The passion. notch in my opinion."

"I'm having a great time!"

We'd like to welcome you to join our club too.  
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Pymatuning Perfection - A Huge Success!

Pymatuning Perfection June 3, 2017Our Pymatuning Perfection ride event held on Saturday, June 3rd was a huge success as you will see from these photos. We had 50 riders!! Yahoo!!!! 

This was a spectacular day for cycling in Western PA. Not only was it held at the most perfect location, the route was meticulously planned to accommodate riders of different levels, giving the more experienced riders an opportunity to challenge themselves and giving the less experienced riders a fantastic cycling experience and a 
desire to go after more than they thought they could do. 

The group of riders who attended this event are some of the nicest, generous, and caring people around and based on the countless emails expressing gratitude for coordinating this event, there is no doubt, these cyclists loved this venue. This event was held at Lago Winery and the hospitality the owner and staff showed us was of a 5 star level. And since we are the "Premier" Bicycle Club of Western Pennsylvania, we expect nothing but the best for our members.   So, if you have not joined our club yet, or if you know someone else who hasn't, click here to join today!

Spring 2017 Newsletter Now Available

All Members! Enjoy the inaugural issue of the "Life Behind Bars" Newsletter available here.

Not a member, read a sample here.

Club Apparel Now Available for Purchase Online!

PBC now has its own line of cycling apparel! You can view and purchase PBC cycling apparel at:


SICCO was Great Again!

SICCO 2017
We had a fantastic group of riders show up and ride together at the SICCO event organized by the Outspokin' Wheelmen, a Youngstown, OH based bicycle club.  These guys know how to put on an event! The routes are beautiful and the support and road markings are unbeatable.  

I've participated in this event for several years now and I know of at least two times I did it by myself.  And while those years were all great too, this year was special to me because we had so many of our club members riding it together.  

Thanks again to the Outspokin' Wheelmen and Dave Hughes (pictured 4th from the left with our members). You did a great job, again, and we enjoyed being there.

Yours truly,

Bob Vano

Welcome to the Premier Bicycle Club of Western Pennsylvania

The Premier Bicycle Club was founded on November 27, 2016 in Gibsonia, Pennsylvania.  The organization began with a diverse group of community-based individuals such as lawyers, doctors, salespeople, students, business owners, healthcare professionals, and retirees, just to name a few. With more than 70 years of cycling experience combined, we understand what the cycling community wants and needs.  We are people with different backgrounds and a shared interest to provide a positive and supportive environment that encourages a healthy lifestyle for recreational cyclists of all levels to improve their skills and to participate with others in the joys of cycling.  We have a strong conviction that cycling is more enjoyable when each of us takes a comprehensive approach to a healthier lifestyle.  Find out for yourself.
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Cycling News

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  • The Saturday North Country rides are extremely popular! Check out these beautiful photos from a recent ride (special thanks to Dale Black). Why not join us!

North Pittsburgh Country Ride 6/17/2017

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Whether you are a racer or a recreational cycling enthusiast, STRAVA creates the ability for you to show that competitive side by logging and tracking your miles and when you join our club page on STRAVA, you'll be able to see how your progress compares to other club members.  Use the widget below to access our member rankings and highlight your own accomplishments.

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